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 Post subject: Domains of Dread: Hazlan
PostPosted: Sun Feb 04, 2018 1:59 am 
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The beautiful, and exotic lands of Hazlan have seen little change, at least in their appearances. The sprawling autumnal forests, rolling rivers, soaring mountains, and other astonishing natural wonders yet and still mark this strange place as one of the most beautiful in the Core. Yet, such beauty shrouds a country built on the backs of slaves and serfs alike. Indeed, Hazlan has seen change in these past years, but it was never for the better. The Red Wizard, Hazlik, emerged from his place as hands of lord of Hazlan, to seize control over his country, a country which had been edging ever closer to internal conflict as the Rashemani people sought some change in their place in society. Perhaps, then, the Iron Lord answered their prayers, and sent their Wizard King to ease their suffering at the detriment of others. Whereas non-human slave labor was simply common, and mostly used for the most dangerous of projects, or as house slaves, the numbers of non-human slaves has skyrocketed. Slavers from across the Core have relocated to Hazlan, and Rashemani serfs have chosen to take up the mantle of slaver themselves to gain coin to provide for their families.

This change has resulted in slaver parties traversing the Core, capturing elves, halflings, dwarves, and most recently, even humans to bring them back east. For a time, it was uncertain why the governors of the Hazlani cities had begun pushing these projects, until the announcement came that Hazlik desired to construct a monument to his nation. He desired to build the greatest structure in all the Core, and it would be so. It would all begin in the crater city of Toyalis, where the Tables, one of Hazlik’s arcane laboratories, was demolished. Joy filled the heart of the Rashemani, who populated the center of Toyalis, where the Tables had been located, only to be snuffed out when they were all ordered to aid in demolishing every single home in the center of Toyalis. Thus came the announcement that Hazlik was to build a massive, narrow pyramid of black stone, located in the very center of Toyalis, where it would rise far above even the lip of the crater where the city is built. Hundreds of slaves have since been marched into the city, where they labor endlessly on this colossal structure. The Tables have just recently returned, having been built within the Ebon Spire, which has reached the point of being nearly complete after years of construction.

The Church of the Lawgiver, on the other hand, looked on and wondered. The use of human slaves was against the dogma their Iron Lord, yet Hazlik was divinely anointed by their god to rule. Strife began to fill the Church, as it has in Nova Vaasa in the east. Reports that a heresy from their trade partners to the east settled in Sly Var and beyond have reached the ears of Pave Haakon Aramsen in Toyalis. A heresy that has the gall to believe that the Lawgiver rules not with an iron fist, but an outstretched hand, and that it is the duty of rulers to care for their people. This heresy has since begun to creep its way amongst the Rashemani, and even the slaves of Hazlan, both human and non-human alike. Yet, its growth would slow considerably, when the Red Wizard came to visit the Pave in person, in a meeting that would stretch three days. On the third day, Pave Aramsen would return. An old man already, he seemed somehow older, weaker. In this state, he announced that the Red Wizard is to assume the mantle of Pave himself. Brief turmoil shook the church, only for each of those priests who dared raise a hand to this change to change their tune as they received a personal visit by Hazlik’s newly anointed Aerkebiskops. It was that day that the dogma surrounding slavery was revised, and the religious writings against the Arcane were destroyed. In their place, the Church of the Lawgiver in Hazlan has become a coven of divine arcanists, mingling spiritualism and the arcane into the teachings of the Iron Lord. It would soon follow that the Red Wizard would control all aspects of his people’s lives.

This would bring about the founding of the Monastic Order of the Esoteric Fist, an order of fringe monks who had at one point been deemed nearly heretical have found their place in this new Church, taking control of a ruin in the krenshar infested forests west of Ramulai, a structure built in a time long before the Mulani ever settled the region. There, they train new monks in their martial arts and arcane mysticism. The Hazlani Church of the Lawgiver has endorsed their practices, and each settlement actively seeks out those who might have the willpower to take up the monastic path. Such is the next disturbing trend in Hazlan: the noble families of the country are amassing armies, supplemented by battle priests from the Church, and their own arcanists from the Red Academy. Their camps are scattered across Hazlan, and it isn’t uncommon to find these soldiers taking the role of guards on the roads of the country. This development has left Hazlan’s neighbors nervous, especially those in Nova Vaasa, who see the new heresies in the Red Wizard’s domain to be more than troubling.

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