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The lands of Lamordia in recent years have become tumultuous, breaking the quiet mountain country’s genteel face in the wake of a number of political changes in Lamordia, and without. Following the rise in religious thinking across the Core, the Lamordian people have become increasingly wary of the religious. Once, the average Lamordian would react to religious individuals with chiding, polite remarks. Yet, with time, that has changed to outright condescension, and in recent days, worse. The political climate in Lamordia has spawned this change, as the prominent organization known as the Syndicate of Enlightened Citizens have gained control over local cities and towns via legal, political pursuit. The Syndicate, once a gentleman’s organization, and to some, a secret society, have become a power player in the region.

Baron Vilhelm von Aubrecker, a dying old man soon to pass on his mantle to his daughter, Gerta, has strangely placed his backing behind the Syndicate, stepping away from his “hands off” method of lawgiving in favor of outright support to what is without a doubt a fanatic force in Lamordia. The Syndicate of Enlightened Citizens have begun burgeoning with new membership, and local branches have opened up in all settlements in Lamordia, even outside of the
country. With political control gained over Lamordia, a police force known as the Übernatürliche Wache has been assembled. Clashing with the broad Lamordian opinion that nothing supernatural exists, this secret police has begun tearing through the quiet towns of Lamordia, dredging up those they view to be practicing the occult. Demihumans, such as dwarves, elves, and the like, are rounded up on site, carted away to reportedly work in mines in the Sleeping Beast Mountains. What is certain is, none of them return.

In the Sleeping Beast Mountains lies a sprawling network of dwarven mining outposts. Hailing from these lands since before Lamordia entered the Core, the Lamordian people have always traded with them (whenever the dwarves rarely send caravans down into the lowlands), yet recent days have seen an explosion in tensions. A summer caravan from the dwarven mines was met with the truncheons of the Übernatürliche Wache, beating the merchants bloody in the town square of Ludendorf before packing them in cages and sending them east. Since then, a mining settlement near the Sleeping Beasts was attacked by the dwarves, slaughtering the human guards. Shortly after, claims of genocide have spread, claiming that the mines are being used to slaughter demihumans. Few take these claims as serious, as generations of Lamordians have lived quiet, uneventful existences, leading many to discredit these remarkable statements as nonsense. Some even grow bolder, and claim it to be propaganda. Anti-demi human sentiments are on the rise across Lamordia, and some have even come to sympathize with the old Falkovnian views on demihumans.

Ludendorf’s coastline has been heavily fortified with stone forts, recent constructs following a naval attack by three pirate vessels on the harbor. The previously constructed bulwarks along the seacliffs were deemed not enough. The rise in piracy following the opening of the Lament, the mistway to Sourange, has made the Sea of Sorrows all the more profitable as well as dangerous.

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