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The idyllic countrysides of Richemulot express no change in this land, remaining ever-peaceful in the sunlight. The disconcerting spirits of long lost men and women still wander the woods and the banks of the Musarde. Just as the people have no recollection of life outside of the Mists, so too have they no idea as to the origin of these spirits that wander their lands. Few even care, as the vast forests and farmlands are barely populated, creating a sleepy countryside up until one reaches the cities of Richemulot. City is the only word one can use to describe them, as Richemulot has no villages. These vast, sprawling metropolises are built around the Musarde, lending well to trade via waterway. Little seems different to the public eye at all, in all honesty, save the vast swells of rats spawning in these cities that grow ever larger by the year. Yet, oddly enough, the number of murders have plummeted in recent years, as have disappearances, though the population of Richemulot only grows at a rate beyond any other country in the Core. Some jokingly claim that Richemuloise children grow up faster than others.

The greatest change came at the end of the year 763, when a sinkhole opened in Ste. Ronges, revealing a layer of tunnels beneath the sewage tunnels which span between the major cities. All know in Richemulot that the sewage system is far too advanced to have been constructed by they, let alone anyone else in the Core. Lamordian architects marvel at the infrastructure of the sewage system, whenever they get the chance to survey the safer portions of the system. Yet, all along, something else lied beneath. Jacqueline Renier, the lady of Richemulot, has to date sent three expeditions into the depths of this place. None have returned.

A severe drought ravages Borca, and as one might expect, request for aid was sent to Richemulot in the hopes they might provide grain and other foodstuffs. Aid came, for a time, though in no great amount. However, when news reached Richemulot of the war in Falkovnia, aid was cut off completely. A festering enmity is growing between Richemulot and Borca, and more than one Richemuloise aristrocrat as fallen to poison in these days. Borcan individuals are regarded with suspicion in Richemulot, even those who have immigrated to the country.

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