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With the opening of the mistway known as “the Lament” between the dread pirate isle of Blaustein, and the dour land of Ghastria, new life has spawned in the lands of Sourange created by the wealth of traders seeking rare spices and herbs native only to Sourange. Sourange itself is an old land, an island dominated by marshlands, great oaks, cypress, and other subtropical plantlife. Venturing out into the wilderness is an invitation for a dark fate to befall the traveler, thus the few settlements there are across the island are only accessible by dirt road. Yet, with the arrival of foreign newcomers, the lands of Sourange have forever changed. A town of roughly one thousand individuals before, the Port d’Elhour, has swollen to a population of roughly twice that. Whereas the population in Sourange’s past were of a majority dark-skinned stock, merchants, fishermen, and all other sorts from the west coast of the Core have migrated onto the island seeking to earn their place in some are calling the greatest city in the “Core”.

Port d’Elhour is a strange place, indeed. A sprawling and vast coastal city with a large port, with wooden docks and walkways stretching out over the water where boats launch every morning to fish the waters off the coast for fish, shellfish, and other sealife. Thus, much of the local cuisine is made up of seafood, and complemented by heavy spicing. The streets of Port d’Elhour are quiet, save for foreign merchants and other sorts going about their daily business. Men and women alike heading to market to purchase food for their families. However, it is with the fall of night that the festivities begin. From great tavernes, to seedy bars, to fine brothels, the streets of Sourange’s capital have become a place of great enjoyment. Yet, even Sourange has its dark side, and at no better time than during the happiest hours does it make itself known.

Even before the new growth of Port d’Elhour, each man, woman, and child knew of Baron Anton Misroi, the Lord of the Dead, he who raised the dead within days of their passing. Strangely, the Lord of the Dead’s influence has waned, some placing the reasoning behind the opening of the Mist Way. Old witch doctors mutter of days when the Baron could bend the island to his will, and drive out outsiders. Yet now, they look upon the growing city of Port d’Elhour, and the slow destruction of the swamp in favor of dry land, and wonder if the arrival of Ezra has weakened the Loa of Death. For, indeed, with the opening of the Mistway, the Church of Ezra has since constructed the Cathédrale Saint-Clara, dedicated to Sentire Clara Bonheur who was said have first brought Ezra to the pagan isle. She disappeared shortly after, and it is said that Anton Misroi took her to his plantation, never to return. Whether this is true or not, no one knows, and his perceived efforts have seemingly failed, as the Cathédrale now stands as the tallest structure in Port d’Elhour.

Absolute faith in the loa has begun to wane, as the Second Sect of Ezra’s influence corrupts the traditional teachings of the Sourangian people. Yet, old habits die hard, and a far reaching heresy now dominates the poor of Sourange, placing Ezra has the head of all Loa, rather than the Lord of the Dead. As the Shield of Ezra has been lost, the lines between heresy and orthodoxy fade, and doubt festers in the clergy of the Cathédrale Saint-Clara.

The island of Sourange how now come under the rule of Lord Balfour de Casteelle and his wife, reigning as its baron. Construction of a university has begun at the center of Port d’Elhour, and some say it will serve as the seat of his rule. Until then, he has taken residence in a sizeable manor in the nobles district.

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