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In the years following the Hour of Screaming Shadows, which brought destruction and chaos to Sithicus and ended in the destruction of Nedragaard Keep, and the disappearance of Lord Soth, Azrael Dak, ex-seneschal of the Black Rose had taken power. Leading a reign of terror and blood upon the elves of Sithicus, and selling their lands off to wealthy Kartakan businessmen from the east, no love for the stunted king can be had, and most in Sithicus curse his name. Some have even come to ponder whether or not life under the Black Rose was better, and in some cases, they may be right. However, the inability for Lord Dak to maintain focus on any one thing has granted the elves of Sithicus the ability to rule as they please, simply using incredibly lengthy debates to drive Dak into boredom should he ever demand a change to be made.

Azrael Dakk, a weak leader in the greatest sense, has little control over his realm, despite his violence and bloodshed he visits upon its people. It is this inability to act, that is slowly turning the elves of Sithicus against him, as young elves who remember little of the Black Rose are born. Old traditions have begun to crack in Sithicus, as the caste system shows its flaws to the eyes of the young, and even in the elders. Despite their dour nature, change seems to be coming to Sithicus, but at a pace much slower to the turmoil across the rest of the Core.

Vistani tribesmen have begun trickling into the domain for the first time since Azrael Dak’s betrayal of their people. Attempts have been made to route them repeatedly, yet each time, what few survivors that escape tell the tale of a Knight in shining armor, and a white surcoat. Some plead that he bears the symbol of a red rose upon his armor, which Lord Azrael Dak has fervently denied, though he places increasingly high prices upon what the locals of Sithicus are calling the “Blessed Knight”, granting even more power to the actions of this armored vigilante. Enforcers loyal to the dwarven lord grow ever more fearful as attacks by the Blessed Knight continue, as ever more Vistani enter the realm.

To the east, just north of the Viedrava Salt Mines, a new village has been constructed, permitted by the realm’s ruler due to the lucrative trade coming from Kartakass. This place is known as Madrigalia. Dominated mostly by Kartakans, with a minority of Barovians, and Invidians, the settlement is in a constant state of battle against the cannibalistic halflings north of their settlement. After a particularly bloody attack on the trade village, a tall wooden wall was constructed, which is manned at all hours in the event of attack. Daily, woodsmen take to cutting back the ever growing woodline, to deny the halflings any cover to attack them from. The older elves of Sithicus only look on in frustration as they watch their ancestral lands be taken by outsiders at the whims of Azrael Dak, while younger elves see little issue.

All that is certain is, like the rest of the Core, times are changing in the traditionally stagnant land of Sithicus.

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