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The most savage of lands in the Core, Verbrek is the greatest expression of the Survival of the Fittest. Its vast forests are a danger to outsiders, not only due to their difficulty to traverse, but the hordes of wolves which stalk them. Some which walk upon two legs. This brutal terrain only parts for the occasional forest dwelling, or Verbreker settlement. Where the woods do give way, they break into sleepy meadows, where the rugged frontiersmen of Verbrek once settled.

They no longer find themselves inhabited by men. In the year 759, one night marked the rise of a blood red moon, casting its crimson glow over the snow of Verbrek. The wolves of Verbrek, driven mad with bloodlust and hunger, cast aside all pretenses of civility they had towards the human inhabitants of Verbrek, and began what would be twelve hours of terror. Beast, and werewolf alike swarmed Verbreker settlements across the land. Hidden werewolves revealing themselves unintentionally, only to slaughter their human mates, “friends”, and “family.” Blood ran, and ran swiftly, as the humans of Verbrek were devastated. Driven from their settlements as the dawn sun rose, they took advantage of the lethargy of the wolves post-slaughter to flee into neighboring Mordent via the River Volfen. There, they trickle into Mordentish settlements, or simply construct log homes in the wilderness in solemnity. Their ancestral home, their home in which they fought tooth and nail over against the werewolves, had finally been lost to them. They find little welcome amongst the Mordentish, who view them as a burden to society, at least those taking residence in established settlements.

Silence reigns over Verbrek, now, save for the cries of fighting wolves, and the mournful howls of its werewolf denizens. Countries neighboring the Verbrek expanse watch, and wait, dreading the moment when the beasts within grow truly desperate for blood.

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