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~Dementlieu ~


The rolling hills of the Dementlieuse countryside remain as peaceable as they have always been, with its gentle wildlife roaming the dense forests often attended by noble huntsmen and peasant alike. Looking upon this lush expanse creates a heavy contrast to the towns and cities of Dementlieu today, a shadow of once was. In years past, Dementlieu was the shining light in the west, known for being the greatest center of the arts, and of education, the Core over. It was not uncommon to meet Darkonese, Lamordian, Mordentish, to even Vaasi tradesmen from the far east in its vast marketplaces. Such is not the Dementlieu of today.

Only five years ago, did the elderly Marcel Guignol pass away from what some call old age, and others the fat of opulence. Whatever it may be, his death signalled a downward turn, and even today a successor has yet to be chosen on the council. Why this is, it is hard to say, though it is clear that politics are favoring Councilor Helenè DuSuis and Councilor Jean-Pierre Theroux. Never has an interregnum lasted so long, as some take this as infighting within the Council itself. Whatever the truth may be, the effects on the country have been dire. Soon after, word of a new mistway, “The Lament”, reached the ears of nobility and middle class businessman alike across the country. A period of three years began, a time which would be come to known as the Wilting, which still continues to this day. Almost immediately, vessels left the waters of Dementlieu for the Lament, and through it, the once difficult to reach land of Sourange. As the nobility of Dementlieu discovered the wealth to be had within the swamps of Sourange, a great outflow of currency left Dementlieu in favor of greener pastures. Merchants, physicians, businessmen, aspiring tavern owners, intellectuals, and the rich alike all left the country in a deluge, leaving Dementlieu with a country of peasants and timid nobles who were too afraid to take the risk of Sourange.

The economy shriveled before the people's eyes, and fingers began pointing. Each month lead to more and more people leaving the country. The greatest blow to national pride culminated as the brightest of Dementlieu’s university staff left the country, with Lord Balfour de Casteelle at their helm. The Council of Brilliance shortly after outlawed emmigration. Those attempting to do so are stripped of their assets, their coin going towards alleviating the hemorrhaging of wealth from the state’s coffers. This only aided the underworld’s smuggling operations. Each week, another noble family would go missing, either by arrest, or by fleeing the country itself.

Now, turmoil arises as news of the Falkovnian civil war spreads across Dementlieu, leading to the Council sparing a ragtag force of soldiers along the Falkovnian border. Word of a great liberator has caused uncertain rumblings across Dementlieu. Some call this new Emperor the inheritor of Dementlieu’s old imperial tradition. While the Council initially welcomed the rise of Falke-Drakov, any mention of him in any positive light is an invitation to a visit to the Gendarme. Dementlieu stands now at the teetering point. It faces collapse, should something not happen, and happen soon.

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