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XP Gain in the Realms of Ravenloft is meant to be a slow process, as this server is meant for low level, low magic adventures. With that in mind, our server has a soft level cap at 10, and a hard cap at 12.

With this decision, you will notice many spells/spell slots, feats, and PRC prerequisites have been rebalanced to give a bit of a power boost. Our level 10 characters, considering the boosts, may be roughly as powerful as a level 12 on a server without these boons. (You will notice this more on non spell casting classes, as a way to 'balance the playing field'). Levels 11 and 12 are reachable, if only to flesh out builds, but levels 11-12 (6+ in PRC) have not been rebalanced or changed from vanilla NWN.

You can expect leveling rates to take about 8 months to a year of consistent play to reach level 10 without taking dying/respawning penalties or permanent death/retiring into account.

Leveling up can occur through a variety of ways:

- Exploration XP - Certain areas and parts of areas will provide exploration XP when they are interacted with
- Dungeoning XP - This is XP received from killing monsters
- DM Quest/Adventure XP/ -XP Given by DMs as the result of a quest, adventure, or excellent roleplay witnessed.

We have decided against a "Fairy" XP system at this time. Roleplay should be something everyone seeks to engage in regardless of whether it results in a constant flow of XP. To keep leveling rates slow we have decided to omit this. Adventurers gain experience via adventuring, not from social or romance RP. While there will be chances for social skills and intrigue to enhance the setting, this will be done through player and DM interaction, which should be its own reward.

In short, this is a server where you play an adventurer, not a school teacher, wet nurse, prostitute or socialite.

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