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As a roleplaying server, it is expected that you play your character to the fullest of your ability, in a way that is fun and engaging for all involved. This also includes knowing when to end your character on an appropriate note. It is the dynamic nature of this server to neither have years old characters sitting around contributing nothing to the collective story, or for a character not to have any opportunity to make a mark on the setting by their character’s life and/or death. Every Character Matters ; the core of our mission for this server.

Additionally, and this should go without saying, but if a character has effectively incorporated a sense of permanency into their lives; whether by obtaining permanent lucrative employment, purchasing a large permanent and personal residence or structure of employment, or by becoming pregnant and/or raising a child, they are no longer considered adventurers and should be retired. This is not a request, but an enforceable rule. Any player who seeks to obtain such goals for their characters can and will be encouraged in their ability to do so, and given as much right and assistance with obtaining these goals as the DM team would with any other. However, where adventurer based goals often carry the risk of death or worse, goals such as these will always carry the understanding that character retirement and possible conversion into an NPC is inevitable.

By logging into , and creating a character in the Realms of Ravenloft, you expressly consent permission to all consequence of in character action, up to and including having your character closure'd or permanently killed during any occurrence overseen or ran by a DM.. This is considered an agreement upon logging into the server. Dungeon Masters are not required to give OOC warning that an event or an action is considered ‘high risk’ though they may do so of their own accord. Putting effort into your character is encouraged, but becoming overly attached to a character is not recommended. The Core is a volatile place filled with uncertainty, and fear of death is certainly near the top of the list of these uncertainties. Characters that learn great secrets make great sacrifice; and no one escapes the darkness forever. Those that do, are oft never heard from again.

If you, however, feel as if you have been harassed by a Dungeon Master on an event that resulted in your character’s demise, please take screen shots, wait until the end of an event, and either speak with the DM or an admin about the situation , but do not disrupt the event for other players.

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