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Below you will find a Timeline of commonly known events in Ravenloft. These are things that most educated people from educated domains would know. Be aware that plotting a course of events in Ravenloft is very difficult due to the insular nature of each domain. Some of this may also include False History and we will try our best to differentiate, while some would be more common knowledge to some domains than others. While this can be used purely as an in character guide please use your common sense. For example, Barovians, who are wary of anything that happens in the next village over, let alone the next domain, may know less of this than a historian studying in Darkon , or Dementlieu.

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Ravenloft Canon Timeline

299: Strahd von Zarovich born to Barov & Ravenia von Zarovich.
320: The Tergs invade Barovia, conquering the ancestral lands of the Von Zarovich family.
321: Strahd von Zarovich leads the armies of Barovia in battle against the Tergs in an attempt to reclaim his ancestral lands
347: General Strahd von Zarovich is waging war with the last of the Terg warlords
348: Count Strahd travels throughout Barovia, exerting his control in the villages. (June)
349: Work completed on Castle Ravenloft
351: Sergei and Tatyana’s wedding. All guests are massacred at the mysterious wedding.
470: The Vistani appear at the exact stroke of midnight separating 469 from 470; It is rumored that the Vistani and the Devil Strahd strike some form of agreement.
475: Martyn Pelkar claims to meet the Morninglord andsoon starts singing the praises of the Morninglord, eventually starting a church in the Village of Barovia’s abandoned chapel. Thus begins the Cult of the Morninglord
485: Petrovich’s family killed. Burgomeister’s manor burned; Burgomeister Radovich (currently in his late 20’s) & his wife Ludmilla (currently about 20) assume Petrovich’s title.
486: Repairs start on the Burgomeister’s manor
499: Martyn Pelkar dies. The Cult of the Morninglord goes silent for a few years. Strahd is not seen or heard of for some time.
510: Wilfred Godefroy born near the village of Mordentshire-on-the-Sea.
522: Byron Weathermay born in Mordentshire-on-the-Sea.
528: Powerful heroes assault Castle Ravenloft, confront Strahd, and are killed
534: Germain d’Honaire born in Mordentshire-on-the-Sea.
542: Barovia’s population has risen by a thousand in the past year. Strahd authorizes the building of a hospice in Krezk
547: Barovian explorers discover a new land and dub it Forlorn
575: Tales begin to spread of night dwelling beautiful terrors that steal people away into their worlds, where the world can grow old in a single night. Explorers discover a new land known as Arak
578 Wilfred Godefroy's wife and child are killed
579 Wilfred Godefroy dies (January);
579: Explorers & traders discover a new land with new inhabitants known as Mordent. (October)
579: To the North, a new land known as Darkon is discovered (November)
580: The village of Creeana in Darkon is destroyed.
580: Border skirmishes begin on the Darkon-Barovia border. Rumors of risen dead fighting in the North are spread.
581: An attack on Krezk militiamen occur from within their ranks. Rumors of a monstrous beast are rampant.
581 (Summer) The border skirmishes between Darkon and Barovia cease
588: All surface life in Arak is wiped out in an unknown event. Travelers through report roads changing, and the land scoured. People learn to avoid the barren land now known as Keening
593: Explorers discover a new land in the Mists called Gundarak.
603: The land known as Invidia is discovered, rumored to be led by a vicious beast.
613: Explorers discover a land natives call Kartakass. Dargacht Keep burns.
615: Villages of the core find their inhabitants slaughtered overnight. This stops after the tenth village is destroyed. Survivors speak of the visage of a woman doused in blood.
635: Traders on their way to Mordent discover the land of Valachan
650: The Overseer faith begins to spread in Martira Bay
657: Word begins to spread of the coming of a great catastrophe. Doom and gloom spread through the land.
666: First book of Ezra Penned
671 Rudolph van Richten born
682: Travelers heading west discover the land of Nova Vaasa fully formed.
683: Traders heading from Mordent into Darkon discover the domain of Lamordia.
684: Explorers discover Borca.
685 Construction begins on the Great Cathedral of Ezra in Borca
686: Church of Ezra takes hold
685: Nova Vaasan village of Drataan raized; those in neighboring villages whispered of the horrors of the "Whistling Fiend"
688: A lethal plague spreads across Darkon.
688 A sanitarium is built outside Egertus in Nova Vaasa. It will later be known as the Clinic for the Mentally Distressed
689 Ivana Boritsi is born to Klaus (soon to be deceased) and Camille Boritsi in Borca under a dark moon. On the same night, in the same domain, her cousin Ivan Dilisnya is born to Boris and Stefania Dilisnya.
689: Small villages on the frontier of Darkon begin to suffer pillaging and razing by a band of mercenaries flying an unknown banner
690: The land of Falkovnia appears and explorers first learn of it.
690 Isabella Aderre born, half Vistani.
691: The land of Tepest is discovered.
691-694: Internal unrest in Falkovnia, with a significant criminal underside. Drakov drives the Reniers out of Falkovnia
694: The domain of Richemulout is found south of Falkovnia. The domain is mostly empty.
694 Tristen Hiregaard assumes the title of Prince of Nova Vaasa
695: Church of Ezra thriving in Borca
695-696 - Drakov's attempted invasion of Lamordia He is pushed back in 696
697: Richemeulout struck by the Black Death
698: Camille Boristi poisons most of her family. Sparks a revolt. A schism occurs within Church of Ezra. Donella Borovsky is named the new Praesidia, Yakov’s successor
699: Second book of Ezra penned, Mordentish and Borcan sects remain antagonistic for about a decade.
698: The land of Markovia is first discovered
700: War erupts in Darkon as armies of Falkovnia attack and are turned back by the undead. Rumor of the reason dead send panic through the land
701 Ivan Dilisnya fatally poisons his mother, Stefania. He manages to make it look accidental, but in later years brags about the murder.
702: The land of G'Henna appears and explorers discover it
703 Records of "Bloody Jack" are recorded in the local times, Newsbill in Paridon.
704: Armies from Falkovnia attack Darkon again and are again repelled.
706: Falkovnian forces begin to march upon Borca, but never make it far past the borders.
707: Traders heading North of Mordent discover Dementlieu
707-709: Falkovnian forces are seen marching to Dementlieu, after two years of skirmishes Drakov is defeated.
708: Arkendale is discovered
708: Ste. Mere des Larmes found in Port a Lucine.
709: Third Sect of Ezra founded
711: For the third time, armies of Falkovnia invade Darkon and are defeated.
711: Ivana is made ruler of Borca
713: A flourishing underworld in Port a Lucine begins to thrive.
714: Traders heading to Nova Vaasa discover Hazlan.
714: Van Richten moves to Mordentshire
715: Those moving out of Borca discover the domain of Dorvinia
719: Falkovnian troops invade G'Henna and Markovia as a training exercise that lasts one year
716: Lucretia Dilisnya dies
716 - A Falkovnian attempt to invade Richemelout fails within months
717: A cult to Sehkmaa becomes popular for a short time in Nova Vaasa, but is put to a swift end by Sir Tristen
719: Tristen Hiregaard again assumes title of Prince of Nova Vaasa
720: The domain of Sithicus is found to the South. Stories of strange human like creatures spread in Barovia.
720: Strahd is not heard from for some time.
724: Falkovnia launches a dual attack on Dementlieu and Richemelout. The war lasts a little over a year, with portions of Dementlieu occupied at some point before being pushed back.
725: Stories in Sithicus spread of tiny creatures that feed on the blood
725: Sea explorers first begin bringing news of far off domains such as Har'Akir back to the main land.
727: Stories of Van Richten's exploits against the monsters, the vampire and the beast begin to spread in Mordent and the North Western core.
727: Falkovnian forces invade Dorvinia and are forced back after a 6 month campaign.
729: Gabriel Aderre assumes leadership of Invidia
729: Invidian peasants rise up to partially burn the Citadel of Bakholis
730: Those traveling from Mordent bring horror stories of a land known as Vebreck back with them
730: A lethal plague takes hold in Sithicus this year.
730: Falkovnian merchants set up a 'colony' in Karina Invidia
734: Othmar begins to rule Nova Vaasa alone.
735: It is widely believed that this is when Van Richten begins penning his research.
735: Strahd is heard from again, demanding taxes.
736: Dr Van Richten publishes the Guide to Ghosts. It is not seen as a proper conversational topic in polite or superstitious societies.
738: Culture from Har'Akir begins leaking into the Core by way of trinkets and books.
738: Van Richten has published three books
739: Doomsayers are out in full force prophesizing the end of the world.
739: Rumors of an insane experimenter , a mad genius performing atrocious works spread in Lamordia but not much further.

=====740: The Great Upheaval!!!!====
A time of Night turning to day turning to night, locusts, and blood rain. Land turns upon its head and the sky goes red with the blood of the innocent. Some lands are ripped from their bounds and others find themselves alone in the mists. The geography of the core is changed and it takes 2 years for the changes to be fully understood by travelers.

740: Tepestani priest Wyan and his Inquisitors stir the peoples of Tepest into a near-war against the fey, due to the appearance of the Shadow Rift
741: Van Richten has published Guide to Fiends. Critics pass it off as the ramblings of an increasingly insane man
742: Culture and peoples from lands far in the mists such as Sri Raji, and Rokushima Táiyoo begin to become known amongst educated individuals in the Core
742: Van Richten retires.
743: The carnival begins visiting domains, making people aware of far flung lands
747: Hazlan begins fully incorporating magic into the lives of the Hazlan elite.
747: Malocchio becomes ruler of Invidia.
748: Rebellions start to arise in Invidia
750: Van Richten is announced dead. Gennifer & Laurie Weathermay-Foxrove take over his shop and his work though most believe them to be as mad as the old doctor.
750: King Azalin disappears, the realm of Darkon undergoes a time of terror as its denizens cannot even fully speculate as to what has happened. Only the word Necropolis fills their souls.
750: Seafarers begin traversing the Nocturnal Sea more frequently.
751: Drakov invades Darkon seeing opportunity in Azalin’s disappearance. The dead rise to fight back.
751: Fourth Sect of Ezra founded in Darkon.
755: Azalin is returned to power/the minds of Darkon, but rumors speak of a land firmly entrenched in the Dead and ruled by the lord of the Gray Realms himself.

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Realms of Ravenloft Canon
This is our departure from Ravenloft Canon. If you have read any source material that takes place after 755BC, this is your one chance to discard your knowledge now. Nothing from there on is considered canon in the eyes of this server. With that said, see below:

756-757: One of the harshest droughts in the history of the domain plagues Borca. What little rainfall they have is acidic and crops suffer. Cities and country side alike see a harsh depression, and food must be rationed.
Halaan hospices see a rise and attempt to feed the poor.
The Ezrite Church is cajoled into providing for the upper cusp of society.

757: With no End to the Drought in sight, Borca and Falkovnia enter a temporary agreement; safe passage of troops in return for much needed food.

758: Falkovnia begins a campaign to march into Barovia in an attempt to invade with Drakov at the head of the standing army.

758-759 - A nine month campaign in Barovia ends in defeat for Drakov, but not without heavy casualties taken on both sides. After the campaign, the Warlord Von Zarovich does not give decree in his native land of Barovia.

759 (Winter) - Returning home with what scant troops he has, Drakov finds he has been annexed and rallies the final remnants of his followers to fight the usurper Falke-Drakov. Thus begins the Falkovnian Civil War.

760-763: Very little news from the Falkovnian front as no one has been seen entering or exiting the country. Trade has come to a complete halt, and the borders have been closed. Though if rumor is to be believed, it is an end of an era with the Death of Vlaad Drakov.

761: Sea faring Vessels have found a reliable Mist way by water that provides reliable passage to Souragne by heading into the sea of Sorrows between Ghastria and Blaustein.

762: Unrest in Tepest as the Second Great War against the Fey is underride. The long and failing Inquisition has been given new hope as they name their new champion, leader, and prophetess, The Daughter of the Sun Elena Faithold.

763-764 - In Nova Vaasa, a pesant uprising is on the rise, but little news has made it out of regional localities. All that is currently known is that civil unrest is at an all-time high, with the population at large calling for change.

764 (Dawn of the New Year) : Terror Strikes the Realms as the Bastions of the Ezran faith in Darkon, Mordent, Dementlieu and Borca all notice the same terrible truth. None of them are able to produce the Miracles of The Lady: Ezra's Shield has gone. Rumor comes from the west bidding answer to the question in every mind of the faithful.

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